If your looking for an idea for a map game I had a couple that I may want to expand upon, or you can do.

One centered around 1400's.

One about a bunch of different groups fighting over the succession of american presidency. I tried this one on the Althistory wikia, but with the new rules it was shut down before it even had a turn.

One centered around world war 1

One centered around world war 2

One centered around a world war 4 after a nuclear holocaust

One centered around a german civil war after hitler died.

One about Asia being on par with European technology due to high levels of trading.

One about Agriculture being spread to the new world, so much more advanced american societies evolve.

Nomadic empires exist much longer due to their rapid expansion

Hunnic empire doesn't exist, at least not in europe, so the great migration into the Roman empire doesn't happen by the germans.

If you guys have any ideas feel free to express them.