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Internationally recognized sovereign statesEdit


  • Afghanistan - Republic of Afghanistan, UN member State
  • Albania – People s Socialist Republic of Albania, UN member State
  • Algeria – People s Democratic Republic of Algeria, UN member State
  • Andorra – Principality of Andorra
  • Angola – People s Republic of Angola, UN member State
  • Antigua and Barbuda – UN member State
  • Argentina – Argentine Republic, UN member State
  • Australia – Commonwealth of Australia, UN member State
  • Austria – Republic of Austria, UN member State



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E :rgb(85,85,85);">[</span>edit]</span>Edit

  • Ecuador – Republic of Ecuador, UN member State
  • Egypt – Arab Republic of Egypt, UN member State
  • El Salvador – Republic of El Salvador, UN member State
  • Equatorial Guinea – Republic of Equatorial Guinea, UN member State
  • Ethiopia - People s Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, UN member State

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  Fiji   </p>
  • Republic of Fiji (to 25 July), UN member State
  • Sovereign Democratic Republic of Fiji (from 25 July), UN member State
  • Finland – Republic of Finland, UN member State
  • France – French Republic, UN member State


  • Gabon – Gabonese Republic, UN member State
  • The Gambia – Republic of the Gambia, UN member State
  • East Germany – German Democratic Republic (to 3 October)
  • [1] West Germany - Federal Republic of Germany (to 3 October)
  • Germany - Federal Republic of Germany (from 3 October)
  • Ghana – Republic of Ghana, UN member State
  • Greece – Hellenic Republic, UN member State
  • Grenada - UN member State
  • Guatemala – Republic of Guatemala, UN member State
  • Guinea – Republic of Guinea, UN member State
  • Guinea-Bissau – Republic of Guinea-Bissau, UN member State
  • Guyana – Co-operative Republic of Guyana, UN member State

Hc >Edit

  • Haiti – Republic of Haiti, UN member State

Holy See Vatican City</p>

  • Honduras – Republic of Honduras, UN member State
  • Hungary – Republic of Hungary, UN member State

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  • Iceland – Republic of Iceland, UN member State
  • India – Republic of India, UN member State
  • Indonesia – Republic of Indonesia, UN member State
  • Iran – Islamic Republic of Iran, UN member State
  • [2] Iraq - Republic of Iraq, UN member State
  • Ireland – Republic of Ireland, UN member State
  • Israel – State of Israel, UN member State (wasn t recognized by 21 UN member States)
  • Italy – Italian Republic, UN member State
  • Ivory Coast – Republic of Côte d Ivoire, UN member State

J : Edit

  • Jamaica - UN member State
  • Japan - UN member State
  • Jordan – Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, UN member State

K Edit

  [3] [4] Democratic Kampuchea / Cambodia   </p>
  • Coalition Government of Democratic Kampuchea (to 3 February), UN member State
  • National Government of Cambodia (from 3 February), UN member State
  • Kenya – Republic of Kenya, UN member State
  • Kiribati – Republic of Kiribati
  • [5] North Korea – Democratic People s Republic of Korea, Permanent observer at UN (wasn t recognized by 4 UN member States)
  • [6] South Korea – Republic of Korea, Permanent observer at UN (wasn t recognized by 3 UN member States at greatest extent)
  • Kuwait – State of Kuwait (to 8 August), UN member State

L :rgb(85,85,85);">[</span>edit]</span>Edit

  • Laos – Lao People s Democratic Republic, UN member State
  • Lebanon – Lebanese Republic, UN member State
  • Lesotho – Kingdom of Lesotho, UN member State
  • Liberia – Republic of Liberia, UN member State
  • [7] Libya – Great Socialist People s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, UN member State
  • Liechtenstein – Principality of Liechtenstein, UN member State from 18 September
  • Lithuania - Republic of Lithuania (from 11 March, de facto independent state)
  • Luxembourg – Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, UN member State

M :rgb(85,85,85);">[</span>edit]</span>Edit

  Mozambique   </p>

N :rgb(85,85,85);">[</span>edit]</span>Edit

  • Namibia – Republic of Namibia (from 21 March), UN member State
  • Nauru – Republic of Nauru, UN member State
  • [11] Nepal – Kingdom of Nepal, UN member State
  • Netherlands – Kingdom of the Netherlands, UN member State
  • New Zealand - UN member State
  • Nicaragua – Republic of Nicaragua, UN member State
  • Niger – Republic of Niger, UN member State
  • Nigeria – Federal Republic of Nigeria, UN member State
  • Niue (A state in free association with New Zealand)
  • Northern Cyprus – Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (partially recognized de facto independent state)
  • Norway – Kingdom of Norway, UN member State

O :rgb(85,85,85);">[</span>edit]</span>Edit

  • Oman – Sultanate of Oman, UN member State

P :rgb(85,85,85);">[</span>edit]</span>Edit

  • Pakistan – Islamic Republic of Pakistan, UN member state
  • Palestine - State of Palestine (Disputed region consisting of three occupied territories: the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem)
  • Panama – Republic of Panama, UN member State
  • Papua New Guinea – Independent State of Papua New Guinea, UN member State
  • [12] Paraguay – Republic of Paraguay, UN member State
  • Peru – Republic of Peru, UN member State
  • Philippines – Republic of the Philippines, UN member State
  • Poland – Republic of Poland, UN member State
  • Portugal – Portuguese Republic, UN member state

Q :rgb(85,85,85);">[</span>edit]</span>Edit

  • Qatar – State of Qatar, UN member State

R :rgb(85,85,85);">[</span>edit]</span>Edit

  • Romania – UN member State
  • Russia - Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (from 12 June, de facto independent sovereign state, Republic within the Soviet Union)
  • Rwanda – Rwandese Republic, UN member state

S :rgb(85,85,85);">[</span>edit]</span>Edit

Samoa Western Samoa</p>

  • San Marino – Republic of San Marino
  • São Tomé and Príncipe – Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe, UN member State
  • Saudi Arabia – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UN member State
  • Senegal – Republic of Senegal, UN member State
  • Seychelles – Republic of Seychelles, UN member State
  • Sierra Leone – Republic of Sierra Leone, UN member State
  • Singapore – Republic of Singapore, UN member State
  • Solomon Islands - UN member State
  • [13] Somalia - Somali Democratic Republic, UN member State
  • South Africa – Republic of South Africa, UN member State
  • Soviet Union – Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, UN member State
  • Spain – Kingdom of Spain, UN member State
  • Sri Lanka – Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, UN member State
  • Sudan – Republic of the Sudan, UN member State
  • Suriname – Republic of Suriname, UN member State
  • Swaziland – Kingdom of Swaziland, UN member State
  • Sweden – Kingdom of Sweden, UN member State
  • Switzerland – Swiss Confederation, Permanent observer at UN
  • Syria – Syrian Arab Republic, UN member State

T :rgb(85,85,85);">[</span>edit]</span>Edit

Taiwan China, Republic of</p>

U :rgb(85,85,85);">[</span>edit]</span>Edit

  • Uganda – Republic of Uganda, UN member State
  • Ukraine – Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, UN member State (Republic within the Soviet Union)
  • United Arab Emirates - UN member State
  • United Kingdom – United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, UN member State
  • United States – United States of America, UN member State
  • Uruguay – Eastern Republic of Uruguay, UN member State

USSR Soviet Union</p>

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W :rgb(85,85,85);">[</span>edit]</span>Edit

  • Western Samoa - Independent State of Western Samoa, UN member State

Y :rgb(85,85,85);">[</span>edit]</span>Edit

  • Yemen – Republic of Yemen (from 22 May), UN member State
  • North Yemen – Yemen Arab Republic (to 22 May), UN member State
  • South Yemen - People s Democratic Republic of Yemen (to 22 May), UN member State
  • Yugoslavia – Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, UN member State

Z :rgb(85,85,85);">[</span>edit]</span>Edit

  • Zaire - Republic of Zaire, UN member State
  • Zambia - Republic of Zambia, UN member State
  • Zimbabwe – Republic of Zimbabwe, UN member State

Non-sovereign territories[edit]Edit

Australia :rgb(85,85,85);">[</span>edit]</span>Edit

Denmark :rgb(85,85,85);">[</span>edit]</span>Edit

Finland :rgb(85,85,85);">[</span>edit]</span>Edit

France :rgb(85,85,85);">[</span>edit]</span>Edit

Greece :rgb(85,85,85);">[</span>edit]</span>Edit

Netherlands :rgb(85,85,85);">[</span>edit]</span>Edit

New Zealand :rgb(85,85,85);">[</span>edit]</span>Edit

Norway :rgb(85,85,85);">[</span>edit]</span>Edit

Portugal :rgb(85,85,85);">[</span>edit]</span>Edit

United Kingdom :rgb(85,85,85);">[</span>edit]</span>Edit

United States :rgb(85,85,85);">[</span>edit]</span>Edit

Other states[edit]Edit

  • Antarctica as a whole had no government and no permanent population. Seven states claimed portions of Antarctica and five of these had reciprocally recognised one another s claims.[1] These claims, which were regulated by the Antarctic Treaty System, were neither recognised nor disputed by any other signatory state.[2]
  • Estonia was administered as a part of the Soviet Union, but its annexation was not widely recognized. A government in exile claimed independence for Estonia, but aside from its embassies in the West it controlled no territory.
  • Latvia was administered as a part of the Soviet Union, but its annexation was not widely recognized. A government in exile claimed independence for Latvia, but aside from its embassies in the West it controlled no territory.
  • Lithuania was administered as a part of the Soviet Union until this year, but its annexation was not widely recognized. A government in exile claimed independence for Lithuania, but aside from its embassies in the West it controlled no territory.
  •] The Sovereign Military Order of Malta was an entity claiming sovereignty. The order had bi-lateral diplomatic relations with a large number of states, but had no territory other than extraterritorial areas within Rome.[3] The order s Constitution stated: "The Order is a subject of international law and exercises sovereign functions." [4] Although the order frequently asserted its sovereignty, it did not claim to be a sovereign state. It lacked a defined territory. Since all its members were citizens of other states, almost all of them lived in their native countries, and those who resided in the order s extraterritorial properties in Rome did so only in connection with their official duties, the order lacked the characteristic of having a permanent population.
  • [20] West Berlin was a political enclave that was closely aligned with – but not actually a part of – West Germany. It consisted of three occupied sectors administered by the United States, the United Kingdom, and France. West Berlin was incorporated into the reunified Germany on 3 October.


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