General map game rulesEdit

  • All map games must be titled: Map Game Title (Map Game)
    • All related pages must be followed by the suffix: (Map Game Title Map Game)
    • All related pages must be categorized by: [[Category:Map Game Title (Map Game)]]
  • Each turn must be designated by a Level 2 header
    • ==Year==
  • Each post must be be a separate bullet, with the nation name in bold.
    • e.g: *Algeria: Produces more oil and gas.
  • At least one moderator must be playing a non-important nation (ie the Democratic Republic of the Congo) what did the drp ever do to you?
  • The decisions of the overseers assigned to a particular map game are final
    • All disputes regarding the overseers must be reported to this page's talk page
  • Plausibility will be enforced, but not strictly
  • Any evidence of inadequate moderation spotted by the players will be noted and if problems continue, the moderator will be suspended.
  • The game must be archived every thirty turns.
  • The map is to be updated every 10 turns.
  • Technical and scientific development is at normal rate and with out premature and/or 'hyper-development' of technology. The Modle-N Ford car was invented in 1906 and British Commit Tank was invented in 1943. A few years early OK, but decades out is daft/ASB.

Also seeEdit

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